Seat 1 also has two good candidates in Jeffrey Blydenburgh and Marty Sullivan. As with the other race, both candidates are longtime residents with a record of involvement in the city.

Blydenburgh is a retired architect with lots of experience on a variety of boards, including the Jobs Partnership. Sullivan is a retired engineer who also has a long resume of service to the city on various boards and committees, including the Lakes and Waterways Advisory Board.

Blydenburgh, however, is the better candidate. Like DeCiccio, he has a clear understanding of issues and a decisive nature.

Sullivan, on the other hand, relied far too heavily on a vague promise to do the will of the citizens. We find plenty of value in that sentiment. But promising to listen is no substitute for a clear set of ideas and opinions that voters need to make an informed choice.

We’re recommending Blydenburgh for Seat 1 because of his decisiveness.